What I Have Done

  • Improved radio and computer technology to promote the efficiency within the sheriffs office.
  • Sought and secured over $3 million worth of grant programs to improve technology security and training.
  • Personally attended on average 50 community meetings and speaking engagements throughout the county each year serving as sheriff.
  • Established
  • Provided new cooperation with all of Baldwin County municipal police agencies to promote and provide tactical and efficient law-enforcement effort for the entire county.
  • Reduced and maintained a safe inmate daily population in the Baldwin County sheriffs corrections .
  • I established a leadership development program among all ranking officers in the sheriffs office.
  • Obtained legislation requiring minimum qualifications for individuals who wish to serve as Sheriff of Baldwin County.
  • Increased the amount of information shared from the sheriffs office to the public to promote safety and public interest concerns.
  • Partnered with the Board of Education to provide school resource officers and evaluate current school security protocols.
  • Successfully sought and obtained legislation to mandate persons found to be mentally ill are properly reported to law enforcement for public safety reasons.
  • Partnered in and promoted children programs in Baldwin County to include Sheriff’s boys ranch ,care house, youth reach and scouting.
  • Formed a professional standards and training unit to increase the professionalism and training of all corrections officers and deputy sheriffs.

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